Our design is about storytelling, the source of which is our own emotional connection to the world and the architecture, nature and human relations by contemporary design methodoly. We believe architecture is a pathway that connects private and pulic, and architecture is organic and want to be part of nature.

工作室 Studio


Retro industrial style of modern office environment, open space of workstations to facilitate the communication of colleagues.


Forrest Architectural 森林建筑事务所由建筑设计师Forrest Chen于2017年创立于奥克兰Takapuna海边, 森林建筑理念遵循了实用,美观的原则,专业从事建筑设计私人别墅、工厂设计、土地分割、商业设计、城市规划,我们积聚了丰富的专业知识与经验,形成了创新与独特的设计理念和风格。

Forrest Architectural is founded by LBP designer Forrest Chen in 2017 based in Takapuna, our desgn have recognised with the principle of functional first. We practice residential, industrial, commerical, and planning, we have accumulated a extensive of expertise and experience, formed a unique innovative design and style.

服务宗旨 Service


We concentrate on practice and strongly close to customer needs, pay attention to detail, practical elegance and unity, and strive to enhance the value of each project