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Director MArch(Prof) LBP D2

Liscensed Building Practionor Design 2, with the past experience of personal training, Forrest emphasise the importance of listening to clien’ts needs, he has the exptensive experience built over the years and working together with client as a team to complete a project.

Forrest是一位在新西兰有丰富经验的建筑设计师,他曾经的私人健身教练的经历让他更好的倾听客人的需求,他毕业于奥克兰大学建筑设计硕士学位,独创性的设计充分展现在设计的认识深度。精湛的专业能力和开拓性的表现手法,为客人构造出创新、合理、宜居的建筑。同时,Forrest 是新西兰预制建筑协会 (Prefab NZ) 和新西兰建筑师协会(NZIA)的会员,

Forrest 目前是森林建筑事务所Forrest Architectural 的创始人和首席建筑设计师,他凭借扎实的专业背景对细节标准和把控能力,带领团队做好每一个项目。森林建筑事务所的理念遵循了实用,美观的原则,专业从事私人别墅、土地分割、商业设计、城市规划,我们积聚了丰富的专业知识与经验,形成了创新与独特的设计理念和风格。


Architectural Designer MArch(Prof) LBP D1

Shirong joined the Forrest Architectural team in 2017 having completed the Bachelor of architectural studies at Unitec Institute of technology. He has studied in his native China gaining bachelor degree in architecture. He is now continuing his study at Unitec to complete his Masters in Architecture (Professional).

He has over 2 years experiences in residential renovation and commercial fit-out projects including restaurant, food manufacture, and small office. He enjoys working on renovation projects and provide technical supports to the team.

He likes making wood workings in his spare time.



PGD Architectural Designer 

Louis joined the Forrest Architectural team in 2018, having completed Postgraduate Diploma of Architecture in university of Auckland . He is a good listener with calm and patient, could understand client needing and thinking, then reflect those combe elements though his design.

His design works could convey the relationship between human being and the nature. The beautiful sceneries and creatures in nature give him Inspiration. All those he beloved consists the inspirations of his designs, works express his insight of nature.

He is Silver A’Design Award winner in 2013 – 2014 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category by design of Fluxion Mall.